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teambuilding games, brain teasers, riddles,  icebreakers, creative thinking puzzles, mental workouts, warmups, word games,  word puzzles, wordplay
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free icebreakers download : Creative Thinking Puzzles, Riddles, Brain Teasers, Wordplay, Icebreakers, Catchphrases and Vocabulary boosters for the whole Brain

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The art of thinking & speaking in riddles...more

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testimonials for teambuilding games

As a trainer, I am always searching the internet for new and exciting brain teasers and puzzles. On one such search, I found your site and my creativity peaked, as the words/puzzles were so general that I immediately knew how to use them in the various workshops that I had planned.
Additionally, I liked the fact that you placed the puzzles in levels, so that trainers are able to use specific icebreakers relevant to a particular audience.
Please keep up the good work as your icebreakers are amazing and fun.
- Tanya Smith, HRD Manager/Trainer, Jamaica.

The visuals were creative and fun. I plan to use them with a group of
seniors to discuss "maintaining your brain." Thanks!
Kristi Marx,
Family Services Counselor, US

As a trainer and ex- teacher, I have found Juxtaerobix
invaluable. They provide much needed fun and creative
stimulation to children who have become bored by the monotony and routine of our schools.

- Ms Paramjit Kaur, Trainer

I find Juxtaerobix stimulating to my mind. They are helpful to learning phrases, proverbs and knowledge especially to those who are visually inclined.
- Andrew Ong, Singapore

I used your brainteasers last week in a three-day training session. The puzzles were a challenge that helped participants rev their brains a bit after the breaks and at the start of each session. I plan to use them again to help teachers examine how creatively they look at the world in another workshop next week. Thanks for putting them on the web!
- Dianne Lindo,

It's good stuff from a trainer's perspective.
Can be used in so many creative ways - be it to drive home a point; to reemphasize something; a good refreshing link between ideas in chunks of power point slides; as well as brain teasers in between segments of a presentation to break the monotony and to recharge the audience!
Great stuff - will certainly recommend to fellow trainers
- Hong Boon Leong, Singapore

Indeed, Word Juxtapoz is a wonderfully refreshing site for brain teasers. More power to you!
- Eunora Sameon

You have done a wonderful job. I started feeling big flow of happenings in my head. It is really a wonderful workout for right brain/ left brain synchronization.
- Mukul Gangal, Estimation Manager, Energy Services

I'm a trainer in lifeskills and communications, and I find your collection truly useful and packed with oomph!
- Joyce Ewing-Chow,
Director, Fun Enrichment & Skills Training

I used Juxtaerobix in a group for People with Recovery & Disabilities (PWRD) as an opening icebreaker. Everyone was ecstatic... they are looking forward to the next meeting's icebreaker now; and I can't wait.
- Sonia Schilingno

An excellant stimulant for the brain and bringing cheers to many people who will surely feel refreshed and energised!!!"
Keep it up!
-Mey, trainer, Singapore

I work as a store manager in retail. My district manager just used these Juxtaerobix icebreakers at a meeting last week and it was so much fun! I used one of them in my managers' meeting this week. My staff thought it was a blast!
-Jodi Cummins, US

Juxtaerobix images are interesting and stimulating. They encourage participants to use their brains.
-Peter Tay, Executive

Great site!
Looking forward to showing your great teasers to my class in future! This way, they will definitely look forward to my class!
- Leong, Teacher Trainee, Singapore

icebreakers, brain teaser riddles, meeting icebreakers, word games, vocabulary building


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testimomials fo teambuilding games
Word Juxtapoz is the perfect link to making a normal classroom lesson a delight to be in. I tried it with my class and now I have happy children when they leave school for home at the end of day. Thanks Word Juxtapoz!
- Daniel Ng, Teacher, Singapore

Great sight, looking for something different when I facilitate the managers meetings certainly brought a smile to their faces.
- Erica, Manager, England

I've been a teacher for the last 36 years and I've not seen anything like Word Juxtapoz. It is unique and inspirational as well as a great resource to promote recreativity among the youth of today.
- Kwan TH, a retired teacher, Singapore

Highly creative, attention-holding, and fun activity.  As a trainer, I like to sprinkle humor into my training.  The introduction of Word Juxtapoz has provided me with seemingly limitless resource from which I can pull humorous thoughts and activities, and helps the training stick for the students.  Please keep up the great creativity.
- John Clarity, trainer, US

Great, the ice brakers fall into a catagory that i will most definately use, the interaction , that is the best way to keep attention and willingness to learn.
- dakota

Your free icebreakers were outstanding, they were so amazing that I purchased your Mega Value Explosive Ice Breaker Games Galore Package. I have been using them with great success and great feedback from everyone who has seen them. Keep up the Great Work!
- Ken Goldberg, Safety and Training Consultation 

I joined a new company in the pharmaceutical industry in October and used your free Ice breakers during my first presentation ...the rest is history. They think I am amazing, thanks to Juxtaaerobix. Thank you so much. Keep up the amazing creativity which always holds mere mortals like me in awe. Rosemary Training and Product Manager South Africa.
- Rosemary Giralt, CNS Portfolio, Product Manager

Word Juxtapoz is a gret way to get "little minds" thinking. I have a classroom full of 8and 9 year old children who have learned the importance of crical, creative thinking. Thank you for the wonderful information.
- Laura G, Teacher, California 

I've used the icebreakers for the notorious grave yard shift of a sales meeting, the 30 minute slot after the lunch break. The team find the puzzles entertaining whilst incorporating the added value of teamwork. The wide range of puzzles ensures that by the time the session is over, the team are more focused for the remainder of the meeting.
- Gary Peacey, Director, United Kingdom

I used your free Word Juxtapoz PowerPoint slides as my ice breaker in two training sessions last week and the groups LOVED THEM.  The attendees were definitely more relaxed and ready for training after some good laughs and mental exercises."
- Deborah Olson, Systems Analyst/Trainer, US

Being a facilitator in Change Enablement, the use of WORD JUXTAPOZ 's icebreakers, brain teasers and word puzzles makes every minute of the presentation fun. It creates intellectual stimulation and the more I use it, the more I find the group members requesting to see and solve one of your great brain teasers, icebreakers or puzzles. You have developed a product that will enhance every facilitator's capability to ensure attentiveness and at the same time actively working with both the left and right brain. THANK YOU, I absolutely love your products.
- Madelein du Plessis, Change Enablement Consultant, South Africa

The icebreakers are fantastic - like a breath of fresh air at the beginning
or in the midst of a presentation. thanks
- William chew, teacher, Singapore

Your website is very informative, useful and just nice for people who look for fun and cool stuff on creativity.
- Chari, Banker, Singapore.

I am absolutely delighted with the visual aspect of the icebreakers. They are fun, gets the brain working and a nice change if your group of learners is not into an "active" icebreaker activity.
- Elsbeth, Trainer, New Zealand

I do the 'icebreakers' at our Bible Study group every week. Since using your icebreakers, the group has spoken so much about them, that I have been asked to submit them to the church to be distributed and used amongst all the groups. Some of our 'uncreative' members have really blossomed and cannot wait for the following week's icebreaker.
- Charmaine, Team Leader, South Africa

It was really a pleasure. Really Awesome, this was one of the first exercises that boggled the minds of my colleuges, kept them geussing.It is exciting, stimulating and loads of fun absolutely wonderful stuff!!
-Nicolette Stoltz,Communications Co-ordinator,South Africa

Being Pakistan's most expensive management trainer, people expect value for money from me. So even 5 minutes spent on a physical energiser which although may refresh people but has no relevance to the topic under discussion won't go well with my audience. I was in search of something more suitable. It's only last week that the course on creativity I went to attend, the trainer used your teasers. It seemed instantly that I got my answer!
-Wali Zahid, Country Director, Management Development Services, British Council Pakistan

I thank this site a lot! By having your puzzles, its never been a problem to me to get the attention of my class especially my teenager students. It will save a lot of time and energy as compared to scolding to your students just to get their attention!
-Lovely Legaspi

I highly recommend Word Juxtapoz for its creativity and attention grabbing graphics. My students love it ! They kept asking for more !
- Fern H., Teacher, SG

Creativity at its best.
- Virendra Pandya, Trainer, India

I am a new college instructor and I was having a hard time finding icebreakers for my upcoming class. Thank you Word Juxtapoz, now I have several ideas to get my students motivated.
- Dawn DeMoss, Veterinary Technology Instructor, USA

I really find it very useful and funny it really helped me in my presentations. Everybody almost dropped from their seats upon seeing the presentation. Thank you very much and more power.
- Pedro Penduko

I am sure that a great number of teachers around the world will have the chance to apply a wide variety of bright and accurate ice-brakers found in your web site which not only will give the teachers the oportunity to start their teaching activities with the right foot, but also encourage learners to learn English in an simple and enjoyable way.
- Raúl E Pérez Z, English Teacher at The Army Polytechnic School, Ecuador

Word Juxtapoz's icebreakers are a great fun-hearted way to get a group focussed on using their brains in preparation for a days learning/training. They set-up a safe environment for participants to unleash ideas and really take in the content of my sessions.
- Jeff Peter, Sales Development consultant, South Africa

I conduct "live-ins" for our students of the Senior Classes. They come in and stay the week-end. What we do, is try and build in them "life-skills" - which are essential today. We have no provision in the weekly class schedule for long stretches of time for interacting with our students - hence the live-ins.
In order to make these sessions more interesting we need ice-breakers, puzzles and games of all kinds. I find you have excellent material which will help us in our work with the youth.
- dorothy

Thanks very much for helping me out. The icebreakers are so helpful and i
managed to use them very well. My students were kept busy and it realy gave them some good start as it is. Also in between sessions i managed to use them to help the students from sleeping.
- Harriet Kebirungi, palliaitve care nurse trainer, Uganda.

Word Juxtapoz was a huge hit at a recent training session. The ice breakers created instant discussion and immediately put everyone at ease. I highly recommend Word Juxtapoz for your next meeting.
- Sasha Lucy, trainer, US

Was marvellous for the simplicity of presentation and second because of the adaptability across any kind of situation/audience. Enjoyed the same and did utilise some for a Training Program for new recruits in Sales.
- Chetan Karnik, Training Specialist, United Arab Emirates

Yes, I agee with what your subscribers are saying about As a teacher and trainer, I come to a point of really running out of good icebreakers just to keep the attention of my students/participants or make our sessions even livelier. Thank you for your ingenuity!!
- Flor Victoriano, Professor/Trainer, Philippines

The teasers are interesting and thought-provoking. They serve as fun 'filler' activities for lessons and help encourage students to develop creative thinking skills.
- Sally Shan, teacher, Singapore

What can I say! My team love the teasers - they are hilarious and keep them guessing for hours. In a processing environment it is truly a welcome break. I'd recommend the website to everyone, it's so informative and fun.
- Mariam Dindar, Financial Services Customer Services Associate, UK

I stumbled upon your website as I was looking for word games to put in a book for my sister. She's a traveler, so these are the perfect puzzles to keep her busy in her long flights. The drawings are fun, and very exciting. Thanks! - Denise, US

It is just amazing! Funny, fun, and never boring - they have recharged my enthusiasm as well as the teams'. I can't tell you enough good about the process and what a fun way it is to energize a group in short order!
- Kim Ahmann, Consultant/Trainer, US

As per my view, CREATIVITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION. This site provokes our creative thoughts. Most of us would get a new dimension of thinking. May me it would help us know that our previous way of thinking to be false too. Over all this was really a good choice by me for my training program. There was good response.
- Gajendra.A.R. Production Executive, IT Services, India

I'm a sucker for puzzles, riddles and the like. And I find Word Juxtapox quite challenging and interesting. They really give my brain a good workout.
Can't wait to use them at the next party. Besides, the humor and cartoons are pretty good too.
- Steven Teo, Graphic Designer, Singapore

The icebreakers really help to create the right tone and atmosphere for my training sessions. They help to put the participants at ease and give them a sense of expectation that the training is not going to be boring. I also use the brain teasers as an interlude when I sense that the session is getting a little 'heavy' especially during the afternoon sessions. Thanks for your very creative and helpful material that add "oomp" to my training sessions.
- Susan Chan, Trainer, lecturer, Malaysia

Those Icebreakers truly made my training very lively and all of my trainees now are so excited to come early. I'm so excited to present to them the icebreakers that I got form you because its so great for learning.
- Irwin Jay Pono, Trainier, Philippines

Word Juxtapoz is a fantastic way of breaking the ice among participants,
helps develop their thinking skills- to see beyond and that learning can
definitely be fun. Also I am a person who loved riddles, puzzles etc..
so I absolutely enjoy your site. Always look forward to what's new on
your site!
- Tina Rebeiro, Asst.Manager- Learning & Development, India

I've been out of the 'training loop' for a few years, and so needed some
new ice-breakers for 1 new role far, I've only used two, but
they went over very well with my delegates, and I'd really like to get
some more!!!
- Sarah Foord, People Consultant, UK

Wordjuxtapoz is an excellent source of motivation for my ESL students.They help them think creatively and learn idioms and words in a fun and unforgettable way!
- Magali, ESL teacher, Argentina

The ice-breakers are great, applicable to different age group and nationality. Some common language that can be used universally.
- Choon Min, Traine, Singapore

My presentation was a smash hit! Laughter is such a gift and healing food for the soul! I really want to thank you for the ice breakers!
- Gail Tapp, case manager, USA/California

Your site is like a treasure chest for teachers/training consultants like me. I intend to use the icebreakers as exercises for modules on creative thinking, whole brain thinking, etc.
- Milagros S. Castro, teacher/training consultant, Philippines

"Brilliant website, kept my mind working for hours. the wacky teasers are fantastic. i would definitely recommend this site to many as it is so interesting to see how your mind can be stretched"
- K. Broughton, Student, UK

This site is amazing. I am a trainer and I use the icebreakers immediately after I introduce myself to “ break the ice” and because the courses are a bit tedious, I use puzzles and riddles to break the monotony. It works!! The smiles and laughter tells it all. Unfamiliar people quickly become familiar people. I have even given some to my own children, especially the ones which presented a challenge for me. I just want to see if the apple truly don”t fall far from the tree!! Keep up the good work!!!
- Mina Mack, Training Specialist-Baltimore

I am a facilitator and have conducted workshops for the past 9 years. The feedback for improvement that I receive has always been the same, not enough fun and no games. I stumbled on to your website and now I am armed with full of weapons for a more lively workshop.
- Maryanti, Facilitator

Thank you! The Word Juxtapoz Site is fantastic! I work as an Activity Director and my Adult Day Participants LOVED the hilarious and entertaining Ice Breakers and Brain Teasers. They were still chuckling about them the next day!
- Page V., Activity Director, Canada

I really love the icebreakers I downloaded from your site. As a private tutor, it's helped me excite my tutee/student at the beginning and end of our session everyday. I also think it's a very good mind-stimulator especially for my 12-year old student as it hones his analytical and creative skills which are vital to a growing kid like him.
- Joei Villanueva, Private tutor, Philippines

It is really a pleasure to have found this site. Iwrote a level threee camp and I needed to have new material. This ice breakers came in handy. It was fun, mind-boggling not only for the youth but for older folks also.
- David Bending, Youth Leader Trainer & Developer, Cape Town South Africa

I work in a Seniors residence as an activity director and justed started a new program called the mens club. I started this because the men in the residence do not make friends easily and they needed an outlet to share their feelings. It was amazing how the brainteasers made this transition of talking in front of a group fun and uninhibiting. These residents are in their late 80's early 90's. I like that they use their thought process to untangle these puzzles.
- Marlene Capland, Activity Director

I found the Icebreakers posted on your site very useful.

I am an MSW graduate & a HRD trainer and I think ice breaking techniques are important for any training and it also helps the participants to build rapport with each other and also for relaxation. Your Word Juxtapoz is an excellent site for referance as a trainer.
- Roshni.Pillai, Project Co-ordinator(VRC), Mata Amritandamayi Math Amritapuri Kollam

Word Juxtapoz is very creative and an excellent brain teaser. It is the most
wackiest and brainy icebreakers that I have found so far. The riddles are fantastic and very mind boosting. Indeed, it is a world-class resource of icebreakers and energizers for everyone.
-Henry Thong, Trader, Singapore

Yes, you guys have just the amazing kinda ice breakers - really funny & educational at the same time. And yes I definitely will be visiting your site in the future.
- Renuka

What a great way to kick-off an executive women's meeting( with your ice breakers)! Laughter is a great way to create bonds that would otherwise be impossible.
- Dorothy Atcheson

Your ice breakers and other teasers are really GREAT. I have benefited alot from them. I have used some of them to remember some difficult idioms and words and I have shared them with my friends. They do really like them. My study has turned to be full of fun; I like it. THANKS alot for this treasure.
- Reem, University Student, Egypt

I've been using icebreakers and teambuilding exercises in my high school
classes for years. I tried some of yours the day I received them with
fabulous results. I'm a fan of juxtapoz for life.
-Donnie Becker

Working with early school leavers, I understand the importance or holding their interest and creating a positive group dynamic. Your ice breakers are excellent because they allow the young people to relax, to learn together and from one another. I like the variety on offer.
-Laura Geraghty, Guidance Counsellor (early school leavers), Ireland

They were totaly brainbusters!Once you see one you will never stop looking for more!

I've used many icebreakers and brain teasers in the past and this collection
was the most vivid and imaginative that I've seen. They are fun to use and
enjoyable to look at.
- Lenessa Anderson, Trainer, USA

The teasers are very refreshing. It's great for icebreakers and especially after lunch when participants feel very drowsy after a heavy meal. The teasers are good for team building games as well. It's a wonderful stimulant to the participants and me!
- Karen Ho-Chan, Associate Trainer, Singapore

The icebreaker collection is amazing. I recently used these in a group
and found it to be quite motivating. It made me think: "Why can't I make
new icebreakers?".
- Badri, Trainer, India

I am student of Airlangga University, Indonesia. Thank you for giving me an idea to make my presentation satisfied. Before I got "enlightment" from Juxtapoz, I was almost desperate preparing my presentation for History of English Language. Actually it is a boring subject, but, reading your collections make me inspired on how to handle it.
- Cahyo Setiyo, student, Indonesia

Your works have been a big help. Whew! They've been a relief from the monotomy of having traditional classes in a confined room. Thank you.
- Norman Cordero, teacher, Philippines

Your icebreakers will greatly help the speakers sustain the attention of their listeners. The listeners will not get bored during the entire presentation.
- Mayolisa Mantuano

I felt extreamly lucky and excited to have come across your site. I would recommend Word Juxtapoz to all those who love to teach and lead, so as to enhance their capeablity to reach out to each and everyone with the help of your innovative and creative icebreakers and fun activities.
- Latanagraj

Just flicking through your amazing website has already given me hundreds of ideas. I deal with mainly troubled teens and adults and help them find employment and in my training sessions they can be so tense. These icebreakers really do crack the thick air in the room and make everyone feel more comfortable with each other.
- Leena, Job Search Trainer, Australia

I had an off-site Managers meeting with 9 managers. I downloaded and used the icebreakers during our breaks for amuzement. We had a lot of fun with them!
- Stephanie George, Administrative Assistant to the Site Manager, Columbus, Indiana

I heard about your brain teasers in a training class. As a trainer myself, I had to find out where they came from because I loved them. We recently tested them out on a group of seasoned trainers - folks who have "seen it all" - and they loved them too. I plan to continue to use your brain teasers in all the training I develop.
-Tara Gomez, Professional Development Analyst, USA

I love Word Juxtapoz! Your icebreakers and brain teasers were easy and quick to use! They were great "fits" for many different ages, professions and educational levels!
- Kim Mancin, Nursing Leadership, USA

I was first introduced to Word Juxtapoz puzzles by a teacher in school and have been addicted ever since! The puzzles are a great way to engage the mind in creative, non-linear thinking and one gets such a sense of satisfaction at solving puzzles of higher levels of difficulty! One of the most fun mind teasers ever!
- Cindy Tan, Student, Singapore

I am a trainer and I have learnt many new things from Word Juxtapoz. It really adds innovative things to our training career. I highly recommend Word Juxtapoz for any trainer.
- Subodhanie

Your activities are thought provoking and help sharpen students' faculties. Thanks a lot for sending interesting riddles, brain teasers and icebreakers.
- Alok Mohanty, Teacher, India

Great way to get a group to focus! An amazing website to gather crowd pleasers that will also exercise the mind.
- Althea Young, Tracher, Belize Central America

I love your website and it makes it easier for me to come up with things for my staff to do to break up the monotony of everyday tasks. I am a manager at the University of Louisville Hospital and this is a great way for me to keep my staff enthused about coming to work and having fun while you do it.
- Vanessa Sterling, Patient Services Manager, University of Louisville Hospital

Word Juxtapoz is a great tool to set your brain thinking creatively. It gives you another angle to look at things around you. Really fun!
- Phan WY, engineer, Singapore

I really enjoy and am inspired by the creative ideas behind each wacky brain teaser. Makes me crave for more of these each week just like a kid craving for more ice-cream. I let my kids tried the fun loving puzzles and they love them!
- Daniel Goh, ITE, Singapore

I'm a software engineer and after so many years in the profession, things do get stressful now and then. When I feel I'm unable to make anything out of the endless flow of code and diagrams, I fire up my browser and look for some fresh air. Word Juxtapoz is a sure visit! Fun, mind-bending, clean, and so creative. I love the content!
- Syed Khurram, Lahore, Pakistan

Intriguing, thought-provoking and indeed, real brain teasers! It has become a weekly hobby of mine to crack these puzzles! My students love them and so do I!
- Jolene, English Language Teacher from Singapore

To be honest, I have done a lot more in my training sessions through Word Juxtapoz than before. My training become so lively and colorful that all of my staff look forward to attending them regularly; it's really and truly an "art of thinking & speaking in riddles".
- Sayed A. Majid, Hotel Manager, China

I have found the brain teasers relevant and fun! Helps expose the pupils
to right brain exercises and gives the pupils insipiration to be creative too! A great way to wake pupils up when they are getting tired or drowsy!
- Gene, Teacher, Singapore

I am a Pastor of a Church in Kuruman South Africa. I have used the Wacky Teasers with great effect in all our training events. Every Time we start off there is a great expectancy to see who is going to get everything right.
- Chris van Staden, Pastor, Kuruman

I was really surprised to come across this site. I coordinate office meetings and gathers for our company weekly. The icebreakers and brain teasers are just what I needed to start our meeting off and bring some fun and excitement. It helps to break the norm.
- Valerie Collins, Human Resources Assistant, United States

My students absolutely love it! It beats the old-fashioned way to help students improve their vocabulary. My students just can't get enough of it!
- Lilian Yap, Teacher, Malaysia

We have a monthly Management Committee meeting. Part of the agenda is an energizer as a break from the usual business reports. We rotate meeting facilitators and it was my turn to facilitate the meeting. I thought of using something new and your Word Juxtapoz material was perfect. It re-energized the team and they enjoyed trying to explain the graphics.
- Ed Neri, HR Director, Philippines

I thought that the icebreakers were excellent. I had a new group of employees, a much larger group than I usually have, and the normal icebreaker were taking too long. I needed inspiration and your site was able to provide it. I We had great fun using them over the last few days. Thanks for the inspiration!
- Christine

I just love your site - thrilled with the download. I teach 2-3 day seminars, so finding interesting games and activities to keep adults alert, entertained and open to learning is always a challenge. As a “verbal” person, I find your puzzles engaging and hope that my seminar attendees will be enticed to think outside the box and get their creative juices flowing! I took a quick peek back at the website when you lured me with the promise of another free download. But of course, I ended up buying an eBook and it didn’t cost an arm or a leg so now I’m saving my pennies for another!
- Sharon, HR Specialist

As a trainer, icebreakers are really important to get people to relax and
be comfortable wih each other before they can focus on what you are saying.
Word Juxtapoz has given me so many fantastic ideas that I can rely on to get
the session off to a good start.
- Peter Chin, Training Manager

I work with people in recovery of mental illness as an adult educator and have found that your icebreakers are a great way of getting my students to think outside the square; they love them and think they are great as do I.
- R.Tregent. teacher Australia

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of subjects covered by your brain teasers. This wide option enabled me to break the ice with 16 teenagers
during a recent youth camp. In addition, your tool helped reinforce
essential messages in a creative and fun way. Thanks for being a great help.
- Adrian, Singapore

I recently had to speak at a youth service in my church and was looking for some way to keep the young people engaged. So I downloaded the Icebreakers and started off my sermon by flashing a few of them and
getting everyone to guess. In fact, one of the slides also popped up in the middle of the message. It was an easy way of getting people's focus and attention. Top stuff!
- Susheel John, Singapore

Your site is truly amazing. I am a teamleader for 13 consultants and my team absolutely love your icebreakers. It is a great help to start off a meeting or coaching session.
- Shafeeqa Dollie

Tried Word Juxtapoz for the first time last Friday - they loved it and I did too - none of that after lunch slump!
- Jayne McClure, HR Manager, UK

Word Juxtapoz provides just the energizer I need to get my classes engaged and excited for learning. It's a wonderful resource to have so
easily available!
- Meredith Southergill, Education Specialist (Waltham, MA)

This is an amazing site which should be part of every manager's
portfolio. Keep it up!
- Carl Schmidt

Creative, thought-provoking, attention-grabbing and fun activity. I used it last week as a "commercial break" during my double period lesson... my students were more attentive after five minutes of Word Juxtapoz. Great job!
- Angie Ng, Teacher,Singapore

Im actually very impressed. I'm a IT Engineer by profession but I run a youth cell group im my area and having some good ice breakers is quite essential, especially when you want to reach our generation. The out-of-the ordinary is what what today's youth is all about and Word Juxtapoz is spot on.....even for the young at heart.
- Delmaine Petersen, Learner IT Engineer




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testimonials for teambuilding games

Word Juxtapoz teasers were excellent. It helped me to lighten up the training atmosphere and was just the right tool for the staff to think differently.
- Yatin

I sincerely recommend Word Juxtapoz as a world-class source of thought-provoking right brain/left brain exercises.
Great Job!"
- Wayne Scott, trainer, US

Word Juxtapoz is not only an ice-breaker but I use it as a stimulation and challenge whenever I get bored to give my mind a booster and to "rest" my tired brain, what with the colors, picture, figure out the message.
- Engineer, KS Wong, Singapore

Word Juxtapoz is an excellent site full of ideas for people to develop their creative thinking skills. I recently had the opportunity to use the Juxtaerobix in one of my training sessions and not
only did the people enjoy working on them but it made
them perk up and use their brains. The Juxtaerobix
kept my session alive and going to the end without
anyone falling asleep. I will be using it and
looking forward to new ideas for more training
sessions in the future.
- Meyling, US

I run a training and consultancy business for the NHS in the UK and the pharmaceutical industry. The brainteasers look to be a fascinating and refreshing fun element to meetings, I plan to use them in my team building modules and fun breaks in more intense sessions.
- Ivan Clark

Yes, indeed a great resource to use - I enjoyed putting my colleagues to the
test! I will definitely use some of the brainteasers at my next workshop
and in future lessons at school.
- Elmarie Westerink, HOD English Dept, AL Dhafra Private School, Al Ain, UAE

I just finished conducting a training the trainers workshop.
Discovering your site was really a blessing! I used the Juxtaerobix exercises in the session on fostering whole-brain thinking & learning. It was an overwhelming success! The participants were one saying that the brainteasers really encouraged both critical & creative thinking - and in a very fun & pleasurable way!
This is indeed a wonderful tool for learning! Thanks!
- Jamie Gotangco, educator & HRD specialist, Philippines

What an amazing site! I am currently facilitating my first group and needed some new ideas. I would recommend this sight to anyone, regardless of what kind of group you are facilitating.
- Cheryl Klooesterman,
Facilitator for New Beginnings

Word Juxtapoz is an excellent encouragement and example for people to develop their creative thinking skills.
- Jane Farmer, US

Your site seems an excellent idea - as you say, the combination of pictures and words makes great whole brain stimulation.
- Brain Clegg, US

I thoroughly enjoyed your site! I teach art history at a local college where we have been discussing some of the earliest forms of communication... including pictographs and REBUSES! Your modern rebuses provide a fun context for the students (not many of whom are proficient in the language of the ancient Sumerians.)
- D. Loving, Arizona





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