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Boost Your Vocabulary

book Word Juxtapoz word puzzles: boost vocabulary with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses wordplay word puzzles for educators in education trainers presenters students
100 Powerpacked Energizers & Icebreakers for Presenters, Trainers, Seminar Leaders & Educators:
A Powerpoint slideshow


100 mind-popping Icebreakers, Energizers & Visual Games for Facilitators, Presenters, Trainers, Instructors, Teachers & Educators (animated series):
An Animated Powerpoint slideshow


book juxtaerobix: boost creativity with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses word puzzles word play for educators in education trainers presenters students
An EBook to
boost your creativity


book Word Juxtapoz word puzzles: boost vocabulary with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses wordplay word puzzles for educators in education trainers presenters students
Word Juxtapoz:
An EBook to
power up your vocabulary


book Word Juxtapoz word puzzles: boost vocabulary with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses wordplay word puzzles for educators in education trainers presenters students
Brain Boosters:
A program to supercharge your brain









Discover the amazing wonder of words! And the astonishing power of visuals!

Combine them - words and pictures - and you will experience the dynamite power of the art of Word Juxtapoz®.

Learning to improve your vocabulary need not be tedious or even painful. It should be fun - lots of fun.

Start with your brain

And that's exactly what the ebook Word Juxtapoz® is about.

In Word Juxtapoz®, you will have to grapple with letters, words, numbers, symbols and/or pictures, and decipher for yourself the particular catchphrase or expression behind each "visual" or Word Juxtapoz® puzzle (over 400 puzzles in the ebook). The vocabulary words and phrases you'll learn are categorized in seven fields: General, Business, law & Politics, Science, Leisure, Sports and Religion.

Here's the fine print: Brains not included; use your own.


Let your imagination
run wild

How is it possible to describe this ebook Word Juxtapoz with a pitifully monolingual medium like the written word? One must employ visual images and loads of imagination.

It is not a design book and it is not a dictionary, although it may appear like both. For the educator and the camp commandant, it provides loads of ideas for training and iteraction; for the game buff, it is a challenge to his wits and word knowledge.

You've mastered crossword puzzles and beat everybody at Nintendo, but sometimes you simply you simply enjoy curling up with a book alone or with your loved ones. Word Juxtapoz will prove to be more than just an entertaining read - Word Juxtapoz puzzles can be headscratchers and some may even cause you to tear at your hair, but each and every one is a feast for the eyes and food for thought.


Taste & see that they
are really good

As you delve through the hundreds (over 400) of mazes in the ebook, trying hard to make sense and decipher the meaning behind each of them, you'll invariably find yourself breaking into laughter and gasping in disbelief, "why didn't I think of that?"

Here are some page samplings:

Click on each picture to enlarge


Engerize your parties &

Select from the hundreds of wacky teasers in the book and print out sample pages for use in your next home and office parties!

No more wondering what to do for icebreakers in your coming birthday party or family get-together.

Put an end to those boring moments!

Word Juxtapoz will give you hours and hours of fun, humor and laughter - and everyone will thank you for it!

Think about it ... Family time and parties will never be the same again.

And everyone - your friends, loved ones and colleagues - will love you for it.


A treasure trove of icebreakers and games

Consider using the word puzzles as icebreakers and games and see if you don't:

  • Electrify your classroom teaching and group discussions
  • Jump start lazy brains and turbo-charge your colleagues in the next inhouse meeting
  • Add completely new dimensions to your meetings and presentations by injecting interactive humor and creativity
  • Energize the participants at your next training session
  • Generate breakthrough ideas at your annual strategic planning conferences
  • Empower your team with a new, dynamic, and synergistic spirit
  • Break down blocks to creativity and innovation in your children, friends and teammates
  • Give life to your company retreats with wacky ideas that are completely original and fresh
  • Inspire fun and laughter once again in the people you work with
  • Increase motivation and boost cooperation among your colleagues at the workplace
  • Improve productivity and quality of life in everyone around you!

Empowered with hundreds of probably the world's wackiest and most original creative thinking brain boosters, YOU can make a dynamic difference where you live and work!


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It's easy to use this book

In our book which is in pdf format (see below for info on pdf), you need not flip back and forth to the answer page and teaser page everytime you make a guess for the teaser.

This is because the answers to the teasers can be found near the top right hand corner of each page.

For example, if you want to know the answer to teaser 1, just click on the pull down menu and choose the answer to teaser 1. An answer dialog box will appear. In this case, you can choose whichever teasers you like to play first or last.

Alternatively, you can also print out the whole book or the answer page only.



Now at $19.95
(Instant access to ebook)

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or "Return" for Full Refund within 8 Weeks!

"This is an entertaining collection of brain teasers. The book contains clever visuals representing idioms, catchphrases and cliches."
- The Straits Times, Singapore

"Word Juxtapoz offers word imagery at its most imaginative. The potential typography and graphic illustrations is artistically brought out in this book of creative word puzzles... definitely a good book for exercising your lateral thinking... promises many hours of entertainment and humour... To the professional trainers... a valuable educational resource that also serves as a treasure trove of icebreakers..."
- The HR Human Resource

"High time we have a concept like Word Juxtapoz in Singapore. I foresee a future where we have Word Juxtapoz on coffee-tables, Valentine's cards, even screensavers on office PCs.Why so confident about Word Juxtapoz's popularity? Because I rely on my taste as a consumer. I enjoyed cracking every code in the [prototype/debut] album, and reached the last page gasping 'More, more!' It's addictive, it's challenging and it's high entertainment value. Word Juxtapoz is Singapore's boast that we are a literate society."
- Pauline Loh, Editor of InTouch with the Family, Singapore



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