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book Word Juxtapoz word puzzles: boost vocabulary with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses wordplay word puzzles for educators in education trainers presenters students
100 Powerpacked Energizers & Icebreakers for Presenters, Trainers, Seminar Leaders & Educators:
A Powerpoint slideshow


100 mind-popping Icebreakers, Energizers & Visual Games for Facilitators, Presenters, Trainers, Instructors, Teachers & Educators (animated series):
An Animated Powerpoint slideshow


book juxtaerobix: boost creativity with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses word puzzles word play for educators in education trainers presenters students
An EBook to
boost your creativity


book Word Juxtapoz word puzzles: boost vocabulary with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses wordplay word puzzles for educators in education trainers presenters students
Word Juxtapoz:
An EBook to
power up your vocabulary


book Word Juxtapoz word puzzles: boost vocabulary with creative thinking puzzles riddles brain teasers catchphrases rebuses wordplay word puzzles for educators in education trainers presenters students
Brain Boosters:
A program to supercharge your brain









Imagine what life would be like if you could generate a string of wild ideas at will.

Yes, at will. Whenever you like it, wherever you like it, and however you like it.

And be known by everyone around you to be a creative genius and super thinker!

Now YOU can!

Empower yourself by supercharging your creative brain! Liberate the way you think! Illuminate your senses!

Start your quest to becoming a Creative Thinking Genius today. And impress the folks around you with your newfound insights.

Be the envy of all your friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members - and even your rivals!


Set your
Creative Juices flowing

How do you like if you could:
(1) indulge in lots of wacky fun,
(2) turbo-charge your vocabulary, &
(3) become a creative genius,
all at the same time?

With Juxtaerobix, you absolutely, positively, can!

This brilliantly innovative book is designed to turbo-charge your word power, get you to think out of the box, generate tons of wild ideas, and enable you to indulge in activities that foster creativity – all this while having FUN at the same time!

While you are having fun pitting your wits against the hundreds of mind-blowing riddles in this book, sparks will be ignited, new ideas will be born, thinking skills will be honed, mental barriers will be torn down...

... and your outlook of life will be glorious!

This 160 page eBook is totally jampacked with 260 of the world's wackiest & most visually stunning riddles!

Entitled “Juxtaerobix: A series of high impact, high fun energy & mentally gyrating workouts for the whole brain”, this amazing collection of brain teasers will liberate the way you think and supercharge your creative thinking power to the max!

Each of these eye-popping visual mindbending exercises is cleverly designed to stretch your mental capability to the edge, and get you to "think outside the box!"

This incredibly brilliant book is probably the most practical creative thinking handbook you will ever have!


Taste & see that are really good

Enough talk for the moment. Let’s do a “taste test” and see if the teasers are as mind-boggling as we said they are.

Five seconds, what’s a two-word expression for this?

Got it? It’s … "shaving cream."

The first one's simple. Now try this one... Five seconds, what’s a two-word expression for this?

Did you guess right? The answer is "worlds apart."

Absolutely wacky, huh?

Here's one more. But let us warn you - it's Level 4 (highest level) in the book.

So what's it? (Sorry, no clues this time.)

And no solution for you! You'll have to grab the book to get the answer!

Now do you see what we mean by mind-boggling? And absolutely wacky!


Juxtaerobix will fuel your mind and take it into hyper-drive

Powered by proprietary technology of Word Juxtapoz®, Juxtaerobix will turbo-charge your creative brain. It will awaken your imagination, expand your mental horizon, set your creative spirit free, and give wings to your dreams.

Here are some Sample Pages taken from our bestselling Juxtaerobix: (Click on each picture to enlarge)

in full color:

in black and white:

Each brain workout has been ingeniously designed to compel you to challenge assumptions, take risks, seize opportunities, look at problems from a new perspective and think ambiguously.

You'll be given countless opportunities to sharpen these fundamental skills of creative thinking and before you know it...

... You'll be conditioned to think like a Great Thinker!

Just imagine: In a few short weeks, you'll have the power to generate a string of ideas at will - wild ones even - whenever the need arises.

You'll be able to see many things others cannot see. Think of solutions to problems almost effortlessly. Create new products. Come up with new and exciting activities for the family and workplace. Have more fun at home and in the clubs.

The possibilities are endless!

And that itself is the wonder of creativity!

Be prepared to join the league of extraordinary Great Thinkers!

As you delve through the hundreds of mentally intriguing mazes in the book, trying hard to make sense and decipher the meaning behind each of them, one thing is certain...

...You'll invariably find yourself breaking into laughter and gasping in utter disbelief, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Very soon, as you're having fun and honing your thinking skills, you'll be joining the league of extraordinary Great Thinkers.

But not to worry, if you think you're not ready to become a Great Thinker yet, you can take it slowly one step at a time.

You see, these specially conceptualized brain boosters are carefully categorized into four levels of difficulty – just so that you can progress through them one at a time, one level at a time, according to your pace.

After all, as they say, creativity is a process.

Once thing is certain: These amazing whole brain teasers are guaranteed to give your brain muscles a good “Tune Up.”

Picture this: With 260 exhilarating brain-wrecking workouts, carefully compiled into four different levels of fun value and difficulty, your creative brain will be totally charged up and stretched to the edge by the time you reach the end!

Over one hundred practical Creativity Tips

What’s more, this incredible book is power-packed with over 100 very practical creativity tips that you – and your family and colleagues – can instantly use to jump start your way on the path to creativity supremacy.

Take for example, Creativity Tip #21:
"Smell the flowers on your way to work or school. Let your senses blossom."

And, Creativity Tip #101:
"Go on a shooting spree. Use up a dozen rolls of film without worrying about the negatives: The cost incurred and what to do with the photos."

You'll definitely be able to find a tip for a creative activity for any occasion. No more wondering what to do on weekends and holidays!


No more boring parties &
aimless get-togethers

Choose from the hundreds of wacky teasers in the book and print out sample pages for use in your next home and office parties.

No more wondering what to do for icebreakers in your coming birthday party or family get-together.

Put an end to those boring and mundane moments!

Juxtaerobix will inject life to the party and serve up hours and hours of hilarious fun, humor and laughter - and everyone will thank you for it!

Think about it... Family time and gatherings will never be the same again!

And everyone - your friends, loved ones and colleagues - will have so much fun and enjoyment.

It's easy to use
this eBook

This value-packed 160 page eBook is absolutely easy to use. It's in the very user-friendly PDF format (see below for info on PDF).

No tedious flipping back and forth just trying to locate the answers in the Answers page and then going back to where you last stopped.

The solutions to each teaser can be easily found near the top right hand corner of every page. For example, if you want to know the answer to Teaser #1, just click on the pull down menu and an Answer dialog box will appear.

It's that simple!

Alternatively, you can choose to print out the entire book and enjoy it by curling up in your favorite couch. Or bring it along on your next holiday. Or simply print out the Answer page alone for easy reference.

Whatever you do, bear this in mind: You're in complete control all the way!


in black and white

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in full color

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Send creative sparks flying with Juxtaerobix

Start introducing these incredibly fun and hilarious Juxtaerobix as icebreakers and games and see if you don't:

  • Electrify your classroom teaching and group discussions
  • Jump start lazy brains and turbo-charge your colleagues in the next inhouse meeting
  • Add completely new dimensions to your meetings and presentations by injecting interactive humor and creativity
  • Energize the participants at your next training session
  • Generate breakthrough ideas at your annual strategic planning conferences
  • Empower your team with a new, dynamic, and synergistic spirit
  • Break down blocks to creativity and innovation in your children, friends and teammates
  • Give life to your company retreats with wacky ideas that are completely original and fresh
  • Inspire fun and laughter once again in the people you work with
  • Increase motivation and boost cooperation among your colleagues at the workplace
  • Improve productivity and quality of life in everyone around you

Empowered with hundreds of these world's wackiest and most mind-boggling brain boosters, YOU can make a dynamic difference where you live and work!

in black and white

Now at $19.95
(Instant access to ebook)
in full color

Now at $29.95
(Instant access to ebook)



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I'm a trainer in lifeskills and communications, and I find your collection truly useful and packed with oomph!
- Joyce Ewing-Chow,
Director, Fun Enrichment & Skills Training

I find Juxtaerobix stimulating to my mind. They are helpful to learning phrases, proverbs and knowledge especially to those who are visually inclined.
- Andrew Ong, Singapore

My district manager just used these Juxtaerobix icebreakers at a meeting last week and it was so much fun! I used one of them in my managers' meeting this week. My staff thought it was a blast!
- Jodi Cummins, US

I used Juxtaerobix in a group for People with Recovery & Disabilities (PWRD) as an opening icebreaker. Everyone was ecstatic... they are looking forward to the next meeting's icebreaker now; and I can't wait.
- Sonia Schilingno







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